Friday, March 18, 2016

Here comes the sun.

Here comes the sun.

Best part of living at the beach is being outside.  Enjoying the outdoors. 
The outdoors without snow. 
The outdoors without negative temperatures. 
Sunshine. SUNSHINE. & more Sunshine.

In the original floor plan, a sliding door in my daughter's room was the only way to the backyard space.  I just could not picture friends and family parading through here every time we went outside.  In addition, the furniture placement in this room would be limited. 

Next, the original kitchen (shown below) had a single door in a galley style kitchen.  This door went out to the side of the house.  Let's be honest, it really didn't lead to a beautiful oasis....not yet anyway

We decided to replace the window in the dining area with a beautiful French door and install a large kitchen window above the future farm sink.   

The amount of light coming in the house will be amazing.  Excited for you to see the new windows installed.    


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