Monday, August 1, 2011

Sign of the Times

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
---Charles Caleb Colton

Well, I googled the Google, perused the Pinterest & searched high and low.  I kept coming up empty on my quest for a vintage kitchen sign. 

Nothing compared to these little beauties:

Flea Market Style

Get Your Martha On

Now they say that patience is a virtue.  Unfortunately, this is not something I possess so it was time to take matters into my own hands.  
I stopped by my local hardware store and picked up the following items:
*one random piece of lumber
*sample of white paint
*black craft paint

After painting the board white, I printed off and cut out my letters. 
 **Please note the stylish masking tape I used during the layout.

After I had attached all of my letters, I traced them with a pencil.

I removed the letters and painted them black. 

Here is where it got interesting. 
I took my new sign outside and proceeded to sand, stain, and hammer 75 years worth of vintage into it. 

I am really happy with the results!
Let me know what you think!  


  1. Your grocery sign turned out super cute and I lover your "about" description of yourself as a "houseaholic." Haha. I have never heard that. We are both relatively new to the blog-o-sphere and it is nice to "meet" you! I would love for you to link your Groceries Sign post up at my Savvy HomeMade blog party on Monday at

    P.S. I am a follower!

  2. I think it's really cool! I am wanting to try something similar for my kitchen. I am excited to start following your blog! Be sure to check my blog out:

  3. Love love love it!
    Follow each other? :)


  4. Cute sign.. and OH MY I love that Dream song!!!! I am totally adding it to my playlist.

  5. Gorge. I think I want one of these now!!

  6. thx for the nice comment today on my blog! this sign you painted is FAB.....just love it! and it's a great tutorial...
    all the best to you in the new yr!