Sunday, April 3, 2016

In the right direction

Here’s where we started.  
bleak and dated house.  A dark, galley kitchen closed off to the rest of the living area. 
Good-bye tunnel kitchen.
Hello open concept.

Now to the window, the wall.....and the floors.

The day we walked into this house I knew what it could become with the right choices and a little TLC.  It could be the beach cottage we always wanted.  I would close my eyes and envision its potential. 

My inspiration.

Ok, snap.  Back to reality. 
Temporary as it may be.  

The demo was extensive.  Everything had to go. 
Yes, that includes the beautiful light fixtures.
plus, the carpet.
the walls.
all new ventilation system.
buy a new HVAC system and move.
ok let's not get a head of ourselves. 
you get the picture.  
Well, if you don' is a picture.


Next, the concrete was cut to accommodate the electrical and plumbing needed for the new kitchen configuration.  


Finally, the walls were put back together in the new open concept space.  The window is cut and will sit above the future farm sink.    Recessed lighting is added to the kitchen and living room area.  

All new plumbing and electrical installed.  
yes, the pot filler pipe is installed.  
don't worry.  
I wouldn't forget.

After spending a few weeks "airing out" and acclimating to its new environment.  It was time to install the wood floors.  Laminate is fine but our choice was real wood.  We picked a wide plank, hand scraped hickory.


Seriously, love it.
So much.
The cost of glue.  I love it less.  
Nearly $750 on glue.  
Houses in Florida are built on slabs so we need to have a vapor barrier built into the glue.
*future self, get in the glue business.

Check out the light coming in from the new windows and french door.  Love, love.

Gradually, it all came together.  It is definitely a tedious process but turned out beautifully, I think.

Guys, I can't wait to take you along on this journey and won't leave out any of the details.  Our beach house transformation will surprise you.  

Please make sure to let me know what you think of our progress. 

Take it easy, y'all!  

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