Wednesday, March 16, 2016

a shucking mess.


a shucking mess.

Before this can be our little beach house, it needs to get a lot MESSY. 

It’s simple. 
Rent dumpster.
Empty house.


We couldn't wait to remove the carpet from every room in this house. 

(yep, that is dirt.  geee-ross. )


Kitchen Demo


In addition to the demo in the kitchen, we removed the wall dividing the kitchen from living room and relocated the heating and air unit.







Laundry Room
*pay special attention to the man-made dryer vent kicked in the wall. 
kicked in.

So excited to share our journey with you.  Stay tuned for some structural changes that will make this forgotten house into an incredibly, functional place!


now it's time for another shucking good time. 
that's right.
Steamed Oysters & a Yuengling.
 East Coast Style.
Trust me,


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