Sunday, February 19, 2012

See me DIY a DIY

Hey y'all!  If you like this Restoration Hardware DIY, then you will love our Beach House Remodel.  Life is good!

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Hello all!   
Happy New Year!  Yes, sadly that is how long it has been since I last posted.  We have been CRAZY busy with family schedules and the biggest time suck of all….
moving into a new house! 
 More on that later. 

Recently, I spied a wonderful DIY project over at 
from Gardners 2 Bergers

Restoration Hardware Eye Chart Hack
(insert shout out to Becca here!  Excellent job!)

 It turned out great!  I had to try this one.....

I pulled up the Restoration Hardware website on one half of my screen and Photoshop on the other half.  

Next, I layered black for the background and selected a font that resembled the eye chart.  
Helvetica Bold appeared to do the trick so I began creating the rows of letters in the layer tool.  

(My Photoshop version vs the Restoration Hardware)

I continued to add the letters and numbers until I arrived at this final project.  Total time creating in Photoshop:  45 minutes.  

 Now it was time to send it off to Staples to be printed and mounted.  $9.99 later...voila!  

I wanted to use a basic frame on this project.  

I will let you know where I decide to hang this little guy!  

Thanks for checking out my DIY Eye Chart!

Living Green,


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  1. Wow! This looks fantastic! I am really impressed- it looks totally great! Thanks for the shout out!!

  2. Love it! I was actually going to do this exact project for my guest room before my sister arrived for a visit. Well, I never got to it as I thought it would be too complicated to get done quickly. I guess I was wrong!!! Will definitely give it a shot now.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    Take care,

  3. Nice piece. A simple frame was the perfect choice.

  4. Neat make it sound easy! Thanks for sharing at the Rock ‘N Share!

  5. Great hack, Jackie! You - and Photoshop - did a terrific job. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope you'll join the fun each week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  6. Gorgeous!

    Is there any chance that you might "share" a .pdf version of your chart so that those of us nerds without Photoshop might be able to make our own?
    Pretty please ....

  7. I am also wondering if you'd share the PDF version. I'd like to customize it, so it doesn't say exactly the same as the RH one.