Monday, June 27, 2011


It’s easy being green

Sorry Kermit.  

Mr. Kermit the Frog

 Using eco-friendly products and recycling items from home is SUPER easy. 

** could make your project less expensive.

You may remember during our Kitchen Reveal when I showed how we recycled our kitchen cabinets. 

(It's still hard to believe they are the same doors!)

It has inspired me to look around at other ways to be green.   

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Look at all these great Eco-friendly ideas!

I am loving the bamboo and the skylights. 

Recycled tile in a beautiful blue.

Lovely clerestory windows allow this house to be cool without air conditioning. 
What's a clerestory window?
Pronounced....CLEAR STORY...
A clerestory is a high wall with a band of narrow windows along the very top. The clerestory wall usually rises above adjoining roofs.

Coastal Living

How in love are you with this surfboard island?

Coastal Living

Beautiful vintage doors help to create a seperate pantry area.

Cooking Light

Eco-friendly corrugated siding.  Awesome. 

Recycled shutters.  *swoon*.
Coastal Living

I must have this door!  E-N-V-Y!  Yes, I feel it.  This beautiful door was found in a salvage yard. 
*Note to self:  Visit more salvage yards.   


Check out this untreated wood ceiling. 
Simply stunning. 

Looking into living more green and eco-friendly,

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